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  • See Professor Erik Kjellstrom inteview IPCC co-chair Panmao Zhai

    Climate professor Erik Kjellstrom interviews IPCC-co-chair Panmao Zhai on the importance of CORDEX for IPCC. Click here to see the video.

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  • IPCC co-chair Panmao Zhai answers three quick questions on CORDEX/IPCC

      Why is CORDEX and the work carried out within the CORDEX framework important from an IPCC perspective? CORDEX aims to develop and provide detailed, regional climate information necessary for vulnerability, impact and adaptation studies at local and regional levels. The aims of CORDEX fit perfectly for IPCC AR6, under the demands of governments for increased policy-relevant regional downscaled information, to fill the noted knowledge gaps in climate change hazards, risks and adaptation at the national, regional or even local levels.   Could you give some examples? To address and enhance the treatment of regional climate change issues, the structure of IPCC WGI AR6 has been designed to allow a detailed and comprehensive assessment of regional and sectoral-relevant climate information.