Address of email list changed

The address of the CORDEX email list has been changed and is now
All subscribers from the old email list have been moved to the new list.

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New co-chair and new SAT-members!

We are happy to announce that Daniela Jacob is new co-chair for CORDEX.
In addition we would like to warmly welcome Tereza Cavazos och John Cassano as new members of the Science Advisory Team.
With this we thank former co-chair Bill Gutowski and former SAT-member Anne Frigon for their valuable contributions to CORDEX.

To read more about the Science Advisory Team and all members click here

The websites for our two newly endorsed Flagship Pilote Studies are launched

The two newly endorsed Flagship Pilote Studies have recently launched their websites
where the progress and outputs of the projects will be found.

The website for Modelling the Southeast African regional Climate is available here
and the website for High resolution climate modelling with a focus on convection and
associated precipitation over the Third Pole region is available here

10th EURO-CORDEX General Assembly

The 10th EURO-CORDEX General Assembly is held 29-31 January in Hamburg, Germany.
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